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My Goals





NATURAL (as in unprocessed) and unrefined foods. ALIVE still contains live enzymes, such as fruits, vegetables & sprouts in soil rich GOOD QUALITY grown nutrients  such as organic, pesticide-free, and/or without synthetic fertilizers.




To bring to you the importance of whole foods in therapeutic combinations with the primary goal of supporting and stimulating your body's natural healing ability.




In my role as your holistic nutritionist I take a balanced, practical, and clinical approach 

to health.  I want you to succeed.

So if that means keeping your favourite food or morning coffee then I won’t make you change it  (at least not right away!)

By taking small steps to get you to where you want to be, the goal is to make these lasting, sustainable, and most importantly enjoyable changes that will positively impact your health and stay with you.




It is my strong belief that healthy nutrition works synergistically with other healing modalities in supporting the body along its journey to good health. I want you to live a life of Health, Happiness and Balance. To be on the journey of healing means to balance mind, body and spirit. We talk about whatever you're health goals are I am committed to helping you achieve them.

Schedule a no pressure 20-min virtual coffee to connect so I can answer your questions!


About Me

My journey to being a Holistic Nutritionist started a long time ago.  To a time when I was taught to look inside the kitchen cupboard for remedies for ailments instead of the medicine cabinet. Growing up and witnessing the importance of food and its effect on health led me down this path.  I learned a lot from my family and the age old wisdom passed down through generations was invaluable.

For a while, life happened and I became a wife, a mother (times 2), an educator and a Vice-principal. 

Once my children were grown up and  independent  I reconnected with my passion and one day found myself in the registrar’s office of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I met wonderful, like-minded individuals in various roles during my time there.


After graduating from CSNN I have been able to fully understand the importance of sound nutrition and its connection to a healthy body, mind and spirit.


I’m doing this is to be able to share what I have learned and to work with people so that I can pay forward my knowledge and passion to make their life that much more enjoyable, healthier and happier!

“The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task”


-Roger Williams Ph.D. (1971)

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